As 2019 wraps up we would like to look back and celebrate our year.  

It’s important to acknowledge the difference one-year can make.  Therefore, before making any resolutions, we recognize the heartfelt work from our entire team.  Reflecting on our projects, successes and commitment to hard work.   Opening the opportunity to show you a “year in the life” at VictorEric.  Let us look back at some of our fondest memories.


Die Lange Nacht Der Architektur.

First stop – Munich! The Long Night of Architecture took place in January and Eric was lucky enough to attend. Organized by Messe München GmbH, various buildings and projects take part. Offered at this exquisite event were architecture-oriented tours and lectures. Live music and refreshments paired with insights into buildings otherwise not open to the public

VictorErics Annual Trade Awards.

Part of our success is due to the exceptional trades we work with. VictorEric prioritizes 5-star customer during the entire project.  VictorEric awards trades based on quality, service, and, professionalism.


Personal development and growth are key components to VictorEric.

Our entire team works towards a common goal and celebrates progress as individuals.  This year our leadership team took to the seas and reinforced their training. By developing necessary skills, our leaders continue to inspire their teams.


Another highlight of our office is our Annual Summer BBQ.

A chance to unwind, eat some grub and enjoy the outdoors. This year we gathered in Burnaby at the Barnet Marine Park. With this beautiful location and mouthwatering aromas, it wasn’t long before the laughter and smiles took over. It is an awesome way to share our success with kin and colleagues alike.


Time to check out our custom designed and built doghouse.

It’s the coolest and most unique doghouse we have ever seen. Also, it incorporates high performance principles like solar orientation and rainwater collection. It even has a green garden roof!

So why did we build a doghouse? VictorEric is very passionate about supporting the BCSPCA. We are passionate about creating amazing spaces and passionate about saving the planet. We created something unique while raising awareness of high-performance homes.

Social engagement is very important to us as a company.

The VictorEric family prioritizes this and regularly enjoys hanging with colleagues.  We are a long-time home to quite a few and “checking in” is key.

Our families also benefit from the tight knit community at VictorEric.  Being able to include our children and spouses within the team dynamic is great. Truly, speaks volumes to our values and overall professional satisfaction.


Christmas time means it’s time to party!! 

Eric & Janey to open their home to an evening of cheer and festivity. Everything was perfect! The food, the décor, the karaoke and of course the company. It takes amazing people to design and build cutting edge spaces. At VictorEric we recognize the impact our collaborative efforts have on our ongoing growth and accomplishments.

A lot can happen in one year, believe us when we say it does at VictorEric.   We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our year. 2019 was a great one. Wishing you happiness and many blessings in the year to come.

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year 2020 from VictorEric Design Group!