It’s May 1988 and a very important conversation is taking place between Bo Adamson of Lund University and Wolfgang Feist of the German Institute for Housing and the Environment. During this conversation, the seeds were planted that would eventually grow into the Passive House (or Passivhaus) standard. After years of research the first Passive House residence was built in Darmstadt Germany in 1990. This first building and the thousands built after, raise the bar for ultra-efficient green building design.


Bo Adamson and Wolfgang Feist, Inventors of The Passive House

The City of Vancouver defines a Passive House as “a well-established, ultra-low energy building performance standard and certification process that is applicable to nearly every building type, including retrofits of existing buildings.”  What this means is for your house to be built as a passive house it must have thick walls and a thick layer of insulation, high performance windows, high performance doors, an airtight envelope, and a mechanical ventilation system that filters and supplies fresh air. The benefit is an extremely efficient home that uses significantly less utilities. Moreover, there will be a larger financial return as the demand for ready built passive houses continues to grow.


Thermal Imaging Shows  the Incredibly Efficiency of a Passive House Preventing Heat Loss in The Winter Time

There is of course far more involved with building a passive house, and there are many other ways to further increase the efficiency of a Passive House. We will be taking a good look over a series of posts over the coming weeks. Here’s a preview, did you know that you can have a beautiful lawn that requires little to no maintenance, power and even minimal watering?

The world is going green, the time is now for you to invest in a passive house. You would be supporting Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan, saving on utilities and most importantly adding to your investment portfolio a future proof investment. Not only is VictorEric certified to build Passive Houses, we are the most prestigious award-winning build design firm in the lower mainland. Our commitment to quality is a commitment to your green financial legacy.