Feature Room Bliss

Your life at home is far more than just eating, sleeping, and showering. It needs to include family life, but moreover, it must include everything else that is near and dear to your heart. So, beyond the rooms that cover your living essentials in your new home design, have you thought about a feature room?

These Aren’t Your Grandmother’s Wallcoverings

Let’s talk about wallcoverings, known as “wallpaper” before computer desktops, for just a moment. Growing up I’m sure many of us remember our Grandmother’s hideous… ahem… I mean dated, wallcoverings. Now, no disrespect to your Grandmother, I’m sure she is lovely, but when we think of ‘wallpaper’, haunting memories of floral printed olive-green walls peeling

Split Level Homes – Living in Harmony With Your Lot

Here is a bit of a design challenge- you acquired a lovely Lower Mainland lot with a great view but it’s on a slope. To utilize the lot effectively would require quite a bit of excavation which can eat up a lot of your budget. This will inevitably take away from your design budget leaving less

To Baseboard, Or Not to Baseboard

To baseboard, or not to baseboard, that is… something to consider. Many houses have baseboards, but should yours? The truth is some high calibre interior designs, including some of our own, have called to forego conventional thinking. Baseboards are classified as millwork, and can come in many shapes and sizes. They add balance to the

Anchor Your Space with Pendant Lights

Designers say that, “To add the right emphasis, a light must participate in the room.” Spotlighting a desired area, like a dining table or wet-bar are best done so with Pendant Lights. Quite literally they anchor a living space within the larger room. Pendant lights, are lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling from any