Habitat for Humanity: The Build Day

Today’s the big day! Today we bring a deserving family one step closer towards home ownership whom wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise. Today we help raise awareness of the growing inaccessibility of affordable housing. Today we are working with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Vancouver to raise money commit our time and sweat for

VictorEric is Committed to Communities: Habitat for Humanity

The Vacancy rate is near zero in the Lower Mainland. Worse yet, there is a severe lack of affordable housing supply in Vancouver; with the average selling price being over 1 million dollars. This makes it very difficult for growing families to find a place they can call their own and build a life. That

An Active Look at The Passive House: Part 2 Reducing Temperature Loss

How thick are the walls in your home? No seriously, how thick are they? The majority of home owners have walls that simply don’t maintain the inside temperature. This loss in efficiency means excess heating in the winter and excess air conditioning in the summer. What about your roof line, does it even help to

An Active Look at The Passive House: Part 1 What is a “Passivhaus”

It’s May 1988 and a very important conversation is taking place between Bo Adamson of Lund University and Wolfgang Feist of the German Institute for Housing and the Environment. During this conversation, the seeds were planted that would eventually grow into the Passive House (or Passivhaus) standard. After years of research the first Passive House

Great Landscaping is More Than a Well Cut Lawn

Simple front lawns are a poor use of space, there is nothing to draw your attention and frankly these sad lawns need a facelift. But how do you go about redeveloping your front yard landscaping? Making a new flower bed won't improve your front yard on it's own. First you must fully consider what the