Luxury featured room

We have talked about the theater room aka the mancave already, but aside from audio/ visual entertainment, there are many other options depending on your lifestyle. Some prefers a pool, for swimming, others rather have a ‘pool-table’ as in billiards. Dancers naturally need a dance floor, and if working out is your thing, you can

Luxury walk in closets

It’s safe to assume that a well designed walk-in closet is at the very top of most women’s (and some men's) checklist when it comes to a luxury home. What is it that makes a walk in closet ‘’luxurious’. Like what we described, in previous weeks about luxury, bigger isn’t necessarily better.  Unlike theatre

Luxury Kitchen Ambiance

We've talked about the ambiance or the atmosphere of the kitchen, lets start by focusing on the more tangible items. If you love to entertain guests, your requirements for the kitchen a luxury kitchen will be more than just its usability. The ambiance is the mood or setting of a place. Directly related to how

Luxury Kitchen

There are a few things that you’ll likely remember when people tour you though their home. Regardless of whether they are foodies or not, one of these areas that’ll leave a lasting impression is the kitchen. To many home buyers, the kitchen can be what makes or breaks a deal. Again, it is not

Luxury Entertainment

Continuing our quest to define luxury, lets talk about the entertainment room, aka theatre room, and depending on the family dynamics, it’s sometimes called ‘the mancave’. To some, having the space dedicated for audio and visual enjoyment is luxury by itself. But we are obviously diving deeper than that.   You must have noticed that