Different mirror styles and how to express with design

When we look into a mirror, what do we see?  Ourselves! Now, what if we could make that mirror not only reflect our image but also reflect our personality and style of design?  These are some great examples of how we can obtain this. Double up - What is better than an amazing mirror? Two

Integrated Design-Build Process

Integrated design process   There are companies who are great in one thing, and those who are great in many things. Depending on the context, you might prefer working with one company over another.   Say, for instance, you go to John’s butcher shop because these guys sell the best meat in town, better than

Do luxury premium houses have to look different?

No, regardless of what people say, your custom home is what you want it to be. Aside from the building bylaw of the city, it doesn’t have to fit into any ‘stereotype.’  Just like if you are a millionaire or a billionaire, you don’t have to wear all brand name clothing. And if you are

Symmetry in Custom home design

Are symmetrical designs simply better? If so, shouldn’t all houses be symmetrical? Well, of course not. If everyone’s custom home is symmetrical, then where’s the individuality? As human beings, we like orderly things, patterns, rhythm and symmetry as opposed to chaos. Our brains are wired to try and make sense out of things, meaning you

Luxury featured room

We have talked about the theater room aka the mancave already, but aside from audio/ visual entertainment, there are many other options depending on your lifestyle. Some prefers a pool, for swimming, others rather have a ‘pool-table’ as in billiards. Dancers naturally need a dance floor, and if working out is your thing, you can