Be a Passive House Mythbuster!

We’ve mentioned several times about the benefits of owning a passive house. Significant reduction in your energy bill, better air quality, more comfortable homes just to name a few. You may think ‘That all sounds too good to be true, and it’s just a concept that’s not going to be popularized in many years.. Right?’

Getting as Good as You Give?

You do a lot for your friends and family.  You do it because you care, not because you expect something in return.  It’s just part of who you are, a Giver.  It’s part of your value system.  We get it.  It’s part of our value system too. Not everybody knows that new, custom homes in

With VictorEric you literally get your permits faster. Potentially WAAAAAYYY faster!

In case you ever needed ANOTHER REASON to go with a reputable designer for your Custom Home Project… As a trusted name in developing some of Vancouver’s finest, award-winning homes, VictorEric is one of a handful of design firms to take part in this Pilot Program – Applicant Supported Assisted Process (ASAP). This process aims

The Colour of Design

Using colour to enhance your luxury design is a surefire way to bring together the desired results of any room.  We take so many considerations when creating a design and the emotive effect of adding a certain colour or colour combination is key.  The common purpose of colour theory when applying it to interior design

Different mirror styles and how to express with design

When we look into a mirror, what do we see?  Ourselves! Now, what if we could make that mirror not only reflect our image but also reflect our personality and style of design?  These are some great examples of how we can obtain this. Double up - What is better than an amazing mirror? Two