Wonder What You Can Do to Help Control Climate Change?

Two of our in-house High-Performance Home experts did, so a couple weeks ago Eric and Chris O went to Switzerland to join other like-minded professionals at the Global Airtightness Academy in the quest to “save the world”. Regardless of what some politicians say, Global Warming IS a problem currently affecting many countries and communities. And

We don’t JUST decorate

  This is obviously no “Dis” to interior Decorators, why would we? Interior Decorating is one of the many services we offer to our clients. But we feel that it is important for us to explain how WE define interior Decorators and Interior Designers. To many, interior decorators and designers are one and the same, that’s

Did you miss out? – Passive House Tour Sept 20, 2018

A very successful first ever VE Passive house tour was held Thursday of last week. It drew the attention of many curious homeowners, potential homebuyers, industry people, city staff and our efforts in educating the public on “What a Passive House really is” was well received. Aside from the VictorEric Passive House experts, we also

Be a Passive House Mythbuster!

We’ve mentioned several times about the benefits of owning a passive house. Significant reduction in your energy bill, better air quality, more comfortable homes just to name a few. You may think ‘That all sounds too good to be true, and it’s just a concept that’s not going to be popularized in many years.. Right?’

Getting as Good as You Give?

You do a lot for your friends and family.  You do it because you care, not because you expect something in return.  It’s just part of who you are, a Giver.  It’s part of your value system.  We get it.  It’s part of our value system too. Not everybody knows that new, custom homes in