’90s Design is Back, Hint at Years Past, Not Re-Live it: Part 1 Hunter Green

What was once popular then tossed aside seems to always come back years later. Designers in many fields seem to be taking cues from the ‘90s once again. Websites are taking cues from early internet design and brutalist architecture meanwhile JNCO baggy jeans are being manufactured again. Now we aren’t suggesting you go out and

Happy Mother’s Day From All of Us at VictorEric

Running home from the bus stop full of energy with your drawing in hand. Your 3rd grade teacher gave you three stars for the effort. You burst through the door, haphazardly remove your muddy boots and greet your Mom with the drawing as a gift and enveloping her with a hug. You feel a deep

VictorEric Named Six Time Ovation Award 2017 Finalist

The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association started in 1974 is now the largest of the 10 associations in BC. With last year’s annual Ovation Awards broadcasted live on Shaw TV, they have cultivated quite the legacy. We here at VictorEric are proud to call ourselves a member of GVHB because we appreciate the dedication it

Celebrating 20 years as Vancouver’s Most Prestigious Design Build Firm

April 22nd will mark 20 years of VictorEric Design Group creating amazing. After over 40 accolades and countless dream homes for Vancouver families, VictorEric is holding an open house in Eric’s very own residence. We will be sharing this momentous milestone with friends and industry colleagues we’ve met through the many years, without whom we

Spring Came Early Early for VictorEric at the 2017 Georgie Awards

With fresh blossoms welcoming the sun’s return, escaping winter's unseasonably long grip, there is a lot to be thankful for. Here at VictorEric we couldn't be more thankful for March’s spectacular evening at the 25th annual Georgie Awards organized by Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association of British Columbia, where we returned with not one but