Recent Achievements

The journey of a successful company is never a sprint but a marathon. Whether a company continues to grow and develop is not just about doing a few awesome projects but the persistence in doing high quality work year after year for every client. The VictorEric team is a great example of that.

Pet friendly homes (part1)

Pet friendly is something that you hear a lot when talking about restaurants or office environments. Does it simply imply that people in the environment appreciate having pets around? No. not really. Of course one of the requirements for a pet friendly environment is that no one in this space is severely allergic to certain pet hair, if

Another way VictorEric Contributes to Society

Schools such as BCIT and VCC have been continuously providing talent to various businesses all over Canada for decades. VictorEric has acquired some of our talent from these institutions.  Some of our staff have even taught some of the classes at these fine institutions. Last Tuesday, VCC sent some of their students to come visit