Craftsman’s Interior

  Like the Exterior of this inimitable style, a craftsman’s interior is just as unique with wooden details on moldings, and extensive paneling on doors and cupboards, it can easily be distinguished from other homes. Originated as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution, this Arts and Crafts movement puts heavy emphasis on high quality artisanship.

What’s a Craftsman house?

When you try to picture a Craftsman house, think Wooden details. Popular in the early 20th century, their characteristics are apparent in both the exterior and interior of a property. With all the defined Low pitched gabled roofs, decorative knee braces, exposed wood details, and wood detailing layered on top of stucco, these homes are

Habitat for Humanity: A Photo Recap

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Habitat for Humanity of Greater Vancouver. It was truly inspiring seeing volunteers come together and pick up a saw, shovel or a hammer and take on the project of building someone’s livelihood as if it were their own. Through sweat and hard work, we feel immensely proud

Habitat for Humanity: The Build Day

Today’s the big day! Today we bring a deserving family one step closer towards home ownership whom wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise. Today we help raise awareness of the growing inaccessibility of affordable housing. Today we are working with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Vancouver to raise money commit our time and sweat for

VictorEric is Committed to Communities: Habitat for Humanity

The Vacancy rate is near zero in the Lower Mainland. Worse yet, there is a severe lack of affordable housing supply in Vancouver; with the average selling price being over 1 million dollars. This makes it very difficult for growing families to find a place they can call their own and build a life. That