Luxury Kitchen

There are a few things that you’ll likely remember when people tour you though their home. Regardless of whether they are foodies or not, one of these areas that’ll leave a lasting impression is the kitchen. To many home buyers, the kitchen can be what makes or breaks a deal. Again, it is not

Getting into Luxury 1

Getting into luxury How many times have you heard the term luxury recently (this week alone). It’s been used so much that the term is just losing meaning. Let’s take a moment and describe what luxury means to us. Particularly luxury features in a premium home. And no, its not about having a ‘premium’ price

‘90s Design is Back, Hint at Years Past, Not Re-Live it: Part 2 Plants and More Plants

We last looked at the return of hunter green from the ‘90s used in modern interiors. Our verdict, don’t try to update then re-introduce the ‘90s in your home; especially don’t try to relive the ‘90s. Adding little nostalgic touches to a contemporary can really provide some measured contrast to your space.   An Overuse

’90s Design is Back, Hint at Years Past, Not Re-Live it: Part 1 Hunter Green

What was once popular then tossed aside seems to always come back years later. Designers in many fields seem to be taking cues from the ‘90s once again. Websites are taking cues from early internet design and brutalist architecture meanwhile JNCO baggy jeans are being manufactured again. Now we aren’t suggesting you go out and

Passive House Cooking P2

We've started on the topic of passive house cooking, as mentioned previously, the first consideration is firepower. With induction cooking, we've got that covered. Onto the next important aspect- ventilation. Even without gas, how do you create keep the kitchen and the rest of the house oil, steam and scent free without using a proper