April 22nd will mark 20 years of VictorEric Design Group creating amazing. After over 40 accolades and countless dream homes for Vancouver families, VictorEric is holding an open house in Eric’s very own residence. We will be sharing this momentous milestone with friends and industry colleagues we’ve met through the many years, without whom we would not be having such an illustrious event.
In April of 97 Eric started his journey in earnest with a vision of integrity for the Vancouver marketplace. Back then Seinfeld was still the best show on TV and Vancouver still had the Grizzlies. Eric and his original collaborator Michael started a very small partnership focusing mostly on CAD consulting and interior design. In fact, today one of our meeting rooms is named after Michael.

Historical pictures

Top Right: 2010 Lunch & Learn – Top Left: 2013 Entrepreneur of Year – Bottom: Awards Through the Years

Fast forward 20 years, and VictorEric has grown into a full-service design build firm with 48 dedicated team members. It didn’t take long for VictorEric to become the most prestigious design build firm in Vancouver. By 2004 VictorEric was already getting the attention of awards judges, and by 2007 was awarded the first of 4 Georgies for Best Residential Renovations. In 2011 VictorEric moved into our current offices with only 8 team members. Recently, we’ve even outgrown our current office and half of us have moved across the street. Looking forward, VictorEric will continue to grow and push the very definition of what is possible for a Build Design Firm here in the Lower Mainland.


Barjaktarovic Residence – 2007 Georgie Award: Best Residential Renovations

VictorEric is committed to its promise of beautifying Vancouver, it is core to Eric’s vision. VictorEric Select Projects is the next phase adding to Eric’s story with Boutique Multi-Family Housing. Yet Eric’s vision for VictorEric is still far from being truly realized, but the guiding principles can be witnessed throughout his home.

Eric’s home was designed by him re-imagining traditional french country design with a modern disposition married with the needs and love he has for his family. His home really is a reflection of his long and illustrious legacy. The Wiltshire Residence, Eric’s own home, will help guests experience first hand how one expresses their legacy as they are taken on a tour around the property. VictorEric’s more memorable moments from the archives will even be on display while refreshments and hors d’oeuvres are served. So, come raise a glass to many more spectacular years to come.

Dickens future

Looking to the Future With VictorEric Select Projects – Boutique Multi-Family Developments