A very successful first ever VE Passive house tour was held Thursday of last week. It drew the attention of many curious homeowners, potential homebuyers, industry people, city staff and our efforts in educating the public on “What a Passive House really is” was well received.

Aside from the VictorEric Passive House experts, we also had industry product specialists such as ICF, Fab Form, Cascade Aqua-Tech and SIGA on site to share their product knowledge on passive house technology.

It was definitely a rare opportunity to see Passive House during the construction stage especially with so many industry experts present that day. We were able to answer pretty much every single question that was brought up and even had some very insightful and ‘geeky’ discussions on the future of passive house in Lower Mainland.

Some asked why don’t VictorEric showcase this home when its all completed and polished instead? On a Marketing standpoint that is probably be the right thing to do since our finished products tend to be way more attractive. But, what would be the fun in that? A completed passive house would look rather similar to a regular home, just way more energy efficient. (of course by regular, we mean a custom home that meets the high standard of a VictorEric Design) For the sake of education, a mid-construction house with exposed insulation and half completed water barrier can tell you much more about the technology that goes into this unique build.

However, don’t worry too much if you missed this unique tour. Talk to us if you are considering ‘passive’ for your next home build or if you have any other questions on the topic. VictorEirc’s team of Passive House experts are happy to help and our goal at VictorEric is to inspire and to bring your dream home into reality.

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