Simple front lawns are a poor use of space, there is nothing to draw your attention and frankly these sad lawns need a facelift. But how do you go about redeveloping your front yard landscaping? Making a new flower bed won’t improve your front yard on it’s own. First you must fully consider what the space will be used for and how it will enhance your life. Then you can think about plants that can make that vision a reality.

Do you enjoy meticulously tending to a garden, or do you have a busy life where there is little time for gardening? If your free time is limited, you’ll want plants that can be left alone. The Lower Mainland is a temperate rainforest. This means low sun, high precipitation, and a temperature rage from below freezing to moderate heat. A low maintenance plant is one that is suitable for this climate. Native plants are the perfect solution. Conversely choosing a banana tree for example, may be exotic but is it worth the extra work? Banana trees are susceptible to frost setting in, as it kills the root structure. It will grow back, but long term it’s unlikely reach a large enough size to bare fruit even if you keep it covered through every winter. Enjoying your free time in your outdoor space is most important. Maximize this time with low maintenance hearty native perennial species. There are plenty of gorgeous species of plants from around the area with brilliant blooms or lush coverage.


The Sedum Spathulifolium Commonly Know as the Broadleaf Stonecrop is Native to BC and Perfect For Ground Cover

Now that you’ve narrowed your scope of plant options, the next step is to create that wow factor. You want people to walk by and feel enchanted, you want guests to feel welcomed even before they knock on your door. This is a delicate act to achieve. Good landscapes are well maintained, but amazing landscapes transition seamlessly from street level to your interior. On top of that it must fit your lifestyle and echo the growing legacy you wish to leave. Be it family, or financial. VictorEric can create that low maintenance outdoor space that wows your neighbours and enhances your lifestyle. We are a top to bottom award winning build design firm. Building custom homes that seamlessly transition from your bedroom to your property line is our specialty.


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Creating That Wow Factor Means a Seamless Transition From Street to Bedroom Under One Design Vision