From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Habitat for Humanity of Greater Vancouver. It was truly inspiring seeing volunteers come together and pick up a saw, shovel or a hammer and take on the project of building someone’s livelihood as if it were their own. Through sweat and hard work, we feel immensely proud to have managed to move the Ash Street Richmond Project just a little closer towards completion. This incredible experience is frankly hard to describe without having experienced it yourself. We urge everyone reading to consider volunteering with this wonderful organization, the experience is life changing. Also, if you haven’t yet donated, please do so by clicking the picture below.

Every Donation Positively Impacts the Future Families of The Lower Mainland

The day started at 8:30 with an orientation and by 9am we were right to work. First order of business was for Patrick, Doug and Celina to complete construction of a table to build prefab wall segments on. Meanwhile, Jenna and Bruce started looking over the build plan to draw out the wall measurements. digging out under the rebar and shimming the forms to keep the concrete in place when poured later. Craig and Jared were on sledge hammer duty staking perimeter supports to help hold the wood shims against the weight of fresh concrete. Raheem, Sahar, Jacquelene, and Janey helped Eric build the first few prefab walls. The day rained a little, and it was generally overcast, but that didn’t stop anyone from having the most wonderful day. We closed out our experience by signing the final prefab wall that everyone helped to hammer together. This day was truly special and serves as a lovely metaphor. When we work hard, each taking a small piece of a larger issue, together we can accomplish great things.


A Little Rains Isn’t Going to Stop Us! For More Images Click Here

VE Care is our mantra, it frames everything we do here at VictorEric. Giving back to our community and the families that live here is the very definition of VE Care. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Vancouver shares these same values. Once again, a big thank you to them for such an eye-opening day. Please consider donating your time to this great cause, and if you have yet to donate financially please visit here. We can make sustainable affordable housing a reality for the Lower Mainland.

Thank you Habitat For Humanity of Greater Vancouver