Running home from the bus stop full of energy with your drawing in hand. Your 3rd grade teacher gave you three stars for the effort. You burst through the door, haphazardly remove your muddy boots and greet your Mom with the drawing as a gift and enveloping her with a hug. You feel a deep warmth of love. She smiles and take your drawing and displays it front and center on the fridge. She is so proud of you and you can’t help but feel accomplished. Later that night, as you are defending the castle gates from marauding bandits, you hear a holler from downstairs, “Clean up the blankets before bed!” She knows you’ve made a mess of your room, she always knows. Begrudgingly you dismantle the castle, but that sense of loss is immediately replaced with love once more when your Mother comes up to tuck you in with a bedtime story.


kid's drwaing

Modern Kitchen for a Growing Family

We celebrate our Moms’ for warming us up when we’re cold, for lighting our world in times of darkness, for pushing us forward when we think we can’t go any further. A Mother’s love is unconditional, her strength is eternal and she should be honoured every day of the year; not just the one. Honour your Mother, she didn’t just rear you, she built a nest to rear you in the best possible environment she could.



Wiltshire Residence Designed for A Kid’s Imagination with a Custom Play loft

Honouring your Mother can be done by providing what you most enjoyed as a child for your child. When your kid comes running home with a drawing, what about having a custom fridge with custom magnets designed to match your custom kitchen? There could also be an enclosed space with a nearby sink to prevent those muddy boots from making more of a mess. When you show your daughter the proper way to hold an imaginary sword to defend the castle gates, as you once did when you were her age, why not show her in a custom spacious play loft above the book case? Providing a space to help your kids flourish is just what your Mother would have done. We can help you with that as VictorEric specializes in custom homes that defines the lifestyle you wish for your family. Everyone here at VictorEric wishes all the Moms a happy Mother’s Day.