We have talked about the theater room aka the mancave already, but aside from audio/ visual entertainment, there are many other options depending on your lifestyle. Some prefers a pool, for swimming, others rather have a ‘pool-table’ as in billiards. Dancers naturally need a dance floor, and if working out is your thing, you can always consider a custom private gym. If you so choose to work with VictorEric, it can very well turn into an award-winning project.

The execution of work is obviously crucial, but the it is often the additional level of consideration put into understanding the client’s needs and the detailed thought of interacting with the space that sets apart the premium designs from anything mediocre.

Let’s just use this recent Georgie Award Winner as an example, the Daruma Gym. This gym is a renovation project, formerly a more retro styled recreation room with a rather generic bar. It featured a full-sized pool table which occupies the main part of the space. There isn’t anything wrong with this rec room, the only problem is that it couldn’t fulfill the lifestyle that the owner desire. The owner, particularly the father and son live an active lifestyle, they needed a private facility to workout in. They are not big on parties but do enjoy entertaining a few guests here and there.  To attune to this, our team of designers working alongside the owner and redesigned this basement area with various features which optimizes the usability as well as its aesthetics.

The original alcohol bar was removed and replaced with a custom juice bar, it’s designed to be red, with oval tiered bar with glass pendant lights ideal for post-workout drinks with friends.

As a functional gym, the flooring was redone with a resilient rubber and a quarter-inch plywood subfloor to make it perfectly level with the ability to absorb the impact of free weights when in use. While in the bar area, we utilized floor tiles which was cut into circular shape with a water-jet to accommodate the bar footprint.

To create an invigorating atmosphere for the gym, we designed a bold-coloured, backlit, graphic-ceiling to anchor and enliven the space.

A single-piece of fabric, printed with a graphic of our choice is stretched across the gym ceiling and backlit. This gives us freedom to create a vibrant feature for what would normally be a dim space.

We kept the large open window allowing for an unobstructed view of the existing indoor pool. Right outside, we’ve added a plain, concrete retaining wall was transformed into a beautiful tiered, water-feature. Water flows from the top-rear-yard and cascades down through a series of landscape ledges into the sunken patio. Visible from the bar, this acts as a Zen backdrop for the pool.

It is because of attention to detail like these that makes a custom ‘entertainment room’ truly unique and spectacular.


To us, luxury is really about the experience interacting with the space and all its glorious features. If you value good design in a luxury home. Our team of premium home designers can definitely be of service.