Happy New Year!

It’s the 2018 and everyone is talking about what is trending. Although you might not wants to customize your house specifically to what’s ‘in’ style this year, its good to be in -the know and be able to show appreciation for those trendy individuals who goes though the effort update their houses. So, let’s cover a few of these.


Organic color such as olive and beige, are seemingly still in, chances are they are like to last for many more years. To many, this should be convenient, as organic colours tend to be easy on the eye and are complementary with many design and patterns.

According to many industry experts, geometric and circular patterns will be hot this year. Perhaps pay attention to fabrics of pillows, coverings, artworks and couches and rich on coffee tables. Rich colours on hard furniture tends to gives off a more solid look, particularly with metallic or rustic tone, it can be a great contrast to the softer, more natural shades of the house.




If you are interested in design a fashionable, yet practical home do give us a call. Our structural and interior designers are always happy to help with your design needs.