The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association started in 1974 is now the largest of the 10 associations in BC. With last year’s annual Ovation Awards broadcasted live on Shaw TV, they have cultivated quite the legacy. We here at VictorEric are proud to call ourselves a member of GVHB because we appreciate the dedication it takes to create amazing legacies.

We are so thrilled with this year’s Ovation Awards, which honour excellence in the design and construction of new single-family, multi-family, and renovated homes. Congratulations to all the nominated finalists, the Greater Vancouver Area has been elevated because of their efforts. We owe a deep gratitude to GVHB for considering our efforts prestigious enough to have earned six nominations. We want to also thank all the dedicated people involved with the Wiltshire Residence, Hythe Residence, and Cambridge Residence whom made this nomination possible.

Wiltshire KitchenWiltshire Residence

VictorEric has been named a finalist for an Ovation Award 3 times for the Wiltshire Residence. Its nominations are, Best Custom Home: $1 Million – Under $1.5 Million, Best Interior Design Custom Residence: New or Renovated and Best New Kitchen: $100,000 and over.

Food brings people and families together where deeply held memories are birthed. Having a space that fosters these intangibles funnels great value into a house long term. With the Wiltshire Residence, meals and family get-togethers are the events. It has custom, extra-wide, stainless-steel hood-fan and back-splash to anchor the cooking area.

Hyth Outdoor SpaceHythe Residence

With the Hythe Residence, VictorEric is up for two Ovation Awards. Best Outdoor Living Space: New or Renovated and Best Custom Home: $1 Million – Under $1.5 Million.

The Hythe Residence has a backyard that features a modern tree house, a climbing wall, slide, swing, swimming pool, hot tub, putting green, and zip-line! It takes advantage of the steep site and tiered the yard creating different play-zones. Active outdoor families invest in projects like these to foster family oriented legacies.

Cambridge Entertainment RoomCambridge Residence

VictorEric’s final Ovation Award nomination is for the Cambridge Residence for Best Interior Design Custom Residence: New or Renovated.

The Cambridge Residence shows off the owner’s desire entertain for friends. This legacy is showcased with the custom bar. It is highlighted and defined by a white, angled ceiling design, which zig-zags from the ceiling and down to the wall, like a folded length of paper. Blue mirrored bar-top tables were custom designed to complement the bar.

A legacy is different for different people. Legacies for some may mean designing a house to fit their family’s way of living. A special area to clean the family dog, or a great, homework friendly kitchen for the kids to grow up appreciating the family recipes perhaps. For others, it can be more of a financial legacy; maybe adding interesting design flourishes echoing the mood of a 17th century painting, or by the fact that the home is meticulously crafted by an award-winning design build firm like VictorEric. Homes like these command larger returns long-term because each VictorEric designed home is more than the sum of its parts. It is reflective of your legacy whatever that may be. What is your lifestyle? What is your legacy? Let us enhance both.

Catch the ovation awards on Shaw TV in May.