Pet friendly is something that you hear a lot when talking about restaurants or office environments. Does it simply imply that people in the environment appreciate having pets around? No. not really. Of course one of the requirements for a pet friendly environment is that no one in this space is severely allergic to certain pet hair, if they claim that the environment is cat / dog friendly. But there are much more to it.

When you are referring to a pet friendly home, the first thing you have to think about is what kind of Pets are you talking about? Dogs and cats are obviously some of the most common, but there are other friendly creatures which may require some additional attention. For instances, when you have birds, it’s probably not ideal to have ceiling fans on. And when you have a free roaming chinchillas running around in the house, it’s probably best not to have an aggressive feline around.


For simplicity of discussion, lets stick with Cats and Dogs.

Especially the younger ones, canines tend to bite and felines tend to scratch. Other concerns include what some call ‘the triple-threat’ …pee, puke and poop. Even when pets are well behaved, our furry friends are undoubtedly different from us. Odor, hair and scraps are left everywhere they go. (although many humans do the same, but that’s beside the point.) So when it comes to furniture, durability is key. A pet-friendly environment needs to be rugged and more importantly they should be easy to clean. There is no such thing is 100% dirt proof furniture. Only ones that are easier to clean than others. Materials such as microfiber are awesome on pillows and sofa, as they are easier to clean when you get spills. The downfall is that they generally fade as you wash them more. Ultrasuede and Crypton fabric are also great alternatives. Under normal circumstances, leather is not recommended, but if you must- choose distressed leather.


Flooring is crucial when it comes to a pet friendly habitat. Typically, hardwood floors is your best bet. They are much more durable, scratch resistant and soak up less odor than both carpet and even softwood. Tiles are even more durable and unlike hardwood flooring, you can even mop the area as they are typically resistant to water. However, tiles tend to be cooler on the feet, perhaps less welcoming or homey. The slippery surfaces may not be ideal for your pets and yourself. There will always be trade-offs, so discuss with your pet and find whats right for you. =)

More to ‘cover’ next week.

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