HAVAN Home Builders Association of Vancouver formerly known as the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing professionalism in the residential construction industry. So what does it mean to be a member?  It’s not all just fun, games and dodgeball tournaments!

A GVHBA member for over a decade, VictorEric is impressed with the work that the organization has done and the community it has cultivated. One of HAVAN’s primary focuses is Education and Training, something that has always been a key to our success. Our dedication to creating amazing drives us to provide continuing education and training for all our staff including annual personal effectiveness training for all supervisors and striving to be a leader on the cutting edge of the latest technologies and business best-practices. In addition to VictorEric’s internal training and interdepartmental cross-training, we’ve also been recognized with an award for the number of our staff we have sent to industry-related training hosted by HAVAN. These include professional workshops and seminars.

HAVAN’s work extends beyond the training.  One key feature of the Association involves acting as the hub which connects industry people and local governments. As a collective, the Association is able to convey messages better and thus have more influence on the government’s decision making. For instance, the City of Vancouver and other municipalities will take local builder’s position into account when establishing new bylaws. HAVAN is also a platform for members to network.

The Ovation Award has always been an annual HAVAN event many members are excited about.


Through different functions and events, it builds a tighter community, which means businesses can collaborate and learn from one another, improving the overall efficiency of the industry. This promotes transparency of the construction industry and greatly helps the local home builder’s image, allowing for a greater level of trust and understanding.

Minute-to-win-it is one of our favorite events which fuel our competitive urge.

VictorEric is a proud supporter of what HAVAN stands for and its contribution to the development of Vancouver’s cityscape and we look forward to taking part in the many more decades to come.