And just like that the summer is behind us, the mornings are getting brisk and knitted wear has returned. That sure didn’t stop us from having an incredible day on presumably the last hot day of the season; last September 16th. We all gathered at Jericho Park to share some laughs and enjoy the sun for our yearly company barbecue. There was a lot of food eaten, let me tell you.


Our fun in the Sun

As food was being grilled and shared, games of Bocce and Cards Against Humanity were played. This was a chance for everyone to intermingle, meet each other’s families and just generally take a load off from our busy schedules. The kids were paired up against the adults in a vicious game of ‘Dodge Balloon’. Now, sitting on the sidelines it was clear the adults had no chance against the swarm of determined half-lings. The water balloons were quickly exhausted and the adults suffered quick and heavy losses. But at least everyone had a blast!

VE Peer Awards Recipients

The barbecue culminated with the yearly Peer Awards. This is an opportunity to recognize outstanding individuals who have earned the respect and admiration of their coworkers. We deeply want to thank Jenna Asuncion, Chris O’Neill, Aira Arinduque and Joel Nelson for their impeccable work ethic and consistent willingness to go the extra mile to help everyone at VictorEric. They very much deserve this year’s award and we couldn’t be prouder of them and their contributions to the VictorEric Family.

We would like to thank the VE Social Committee led by Evelina and everyone involved for their effort putting this whole affair together. It is so very touching to see our tight knit company come together for recognition, laughter, food and fun in the sun. VictorEric’s motto is VE Care, and days like this express how much we truly care.


Aerial view from Eric’s Drone