And the Award goes to … The 2020 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence!

2020 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence.  Our very own Eric Lee was selected as a judge for this years awards.  Eric is beyond enthusiastic to contribute to such a prestigious association. Voting has begun and the awards will be presented in Banff, Alberta on April 3rd 2020. The CHBA acts as a voice for

The Season of Giving

The "Giving" Season In Vancouver we are constantly in a hurry, in a rush to keep up with our neighbours.  In a panic to stay relevant, stay stylish and stay ahead of the curve. We are constantly trying to stretch every dollar to seem like we have it under control.  Forgetting those who do not

What makes a luxury living room stand out?

More than just a couple chairs and a chesterfield, a living room is part of our personality. Truly, you can’t beat the wow, first impression, when welcoming guests into your home. An intense focal point within your living room is where peoples eyes will land upon entering.  Usually facing the entrance, it is the basic

Ever Wonder How Using Art Can Enhance Your Design-Build Luxury Home?

An easy and sure-fire way to bring together a home is to add art we love. Inspiring style through added touches of colour and texture is a great design tool.  Using Art is a smart idea for every room in your luxury home.  Adding colour through art is an interesting and eye-catching part of design.  These