Using colour to enhance your luxury design is a surefire way to bring together the desired results of any room.  We take so many considerations when creating a design and the emotive effect of adding a certain colour or colour combination is key.  The common purpose of colour theory when applying it to interior design is to change the mood, or even size, of the room we are suiting.

Colors give us a certain state of mind, energize us, cheer us up, make us feel safe, calm, relax, as well as increase the ability to concentrate or let memories whisk us away.   People do perceive colour differently and keeping a few key things in mind can help us when striving for perfection in our luxury home.

What mood do we want to induce in the room? How long will we be spending in this room and what activities will take place?

Where is the room located in your house and how much natural sunlight will be entering throughout the day?

What size is this room?  Are we wanting to add the illusion of more space or rather bring the space smaller and cozier?

For example,

Setting a base primary colour in a muted tone adds to complimentary accent pieces in a room.  This helps the balance and style of the room.

Typically, we choose colours that complement each other, another successful combinationis monochromatic. Simply chose black, white and grey in lieu of brighter shades and take proportions (60/30/10) into consideration.  Grey adds to the elegance of this room while keeping a clean and refreshing appearance.

Using browns, we can induce a strong and natural comfort feeling into our homes.  Brown brings elegance to this room and depth and warmth are enhanced by the finishing and a beautiful floor.  An bonus feature is that any plant or floral arrangement will always be a dynamic added touch.

Red and oranges tie together the liveliness and intimacy of a space so adding warmth with a bold feature wall is a great way to add to any muted space.  Yellows can add a bright and optimistic air to your house and purples are known for there grand and royal reputation.

When designing your dream home what colour would be on your “must have” list?

Even those who are into monotones should understand the power of colour. It surely has a huge emotional impact on individuals who reside in the space.