The “Giving” Season

In Vancouver we are constantly in a hurry, in a rush to keep up with our neighbours.  In a panic to stay relevant, stay stylish and stay ahead of the curve. We are constantly trying to stretch every dollar to seem like we have it under control.  Forgetting those who do not have the same luxuries. Remember, that while we are fighting to get the best toys, there are people fighting to get their next meal. Therefore, at VictorEric, we truly believe in the “giving season”.

Every year VictorEric proudly takes part in giving back to our community.

Year round we continually keep our local community close to heart and mind.  During the Holiday season we find it crucial to not forget those who typically go without.

Salvation Army – Belkin House

VictorEric gets together every year and gives back to the community at Belkin House. Salvation Army, Belkin House is a residential program facility in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Dedicated to “Breaking Barriers – Transforming Lives”.  Belkin House is a place of healing where people can discover and begin moving toward who they were designed to be. Yearly we volunteer, prepare and serve a meal for the residents. Making Gingerbread houses, signing carols and making sure every mouth is fed is always fun and rewarding. Also, a great way to say Thank you to the amazing people who take care of our most vulnerable.

To learn more, or see how you too can volunteer visit:

For information on how to donate to this and other great programs visit

Home for the Holidays – Kids Help Phone

Home for the Holidays is another great example of how rewarding being a part of your local community can be. Benefiting the Kids Help Phone, Home for the Holiday took place last weekend. It was our great honour to take part. Since 1989, Kids Help Phone has shown up for youth in distress. As an organization that speaks with young people every day, Kids Help Phone works to share perspective and improve emotional health and well-being of youth.

The Team at VictorEric bonds together with our community during the Holiday Season.
There are plenty of ways each one of us can give back.  How do you plan to give back this year?