At VictorEric we strive to find out and deliver to you what makes a home yours.

We love helping you discover your own personal style and then bring that style to life.  We love sharing design ideas and we make every effort to illuminate your personality throughout your luxury design-build home

As you will see here, we have designed spaces that are as functional as they are sophisticated.  Also, by incorporating an accent of wood, we take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

This luxurious living space instantly gives you a welcome and calm feeling of home.  The elegance of this room is paramount. The plush cushions promise you comfort while the solid wood frames guarantee stability and convey a formal setting.

Identifying the style that you desire is a key component of designing a home that feels, like home.

The sleek and straight-lined look of this staircase is as soothing as it is refreshing. Our eyes travel along this design so easily and keep us wanting more. The pairing of the white walls to wood floors is a gorgeous example of how the contrast adds warmth, keeping the look far from feeling sterile.


Every aspect of this beautifully designed kitchen is complimentary and pleasing.

White walls can seem thought of as an easy default, although truly they can be the trickiest of them all. In this kitchen consider how the cabinetry compliments the true hue of the white, adding warmth yet not changing the tone within the room. The appliances and light fixtures were very well thought out and are so artistically accented and balanced.

These custom creations all have minimalist style with an earthy warm splash of wood.  These are elegant and clean designs that truly speak to the way you want to live. The joy of a design build home is your home will be your sanctuary and is exactly the way you dream it to be.

For more design ideas or to begin your very own custom luxury home call and book a consultation with one of our many talented designers.