Traditional Style Design


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Scope of work: Building Design Interior Design

Scope of work: Interior Design

Scope of work: Building Design The First Shaughnessy area of Vancouver was originally designed as the most exclusive residential enclave in the city; its pre-1940s homes and their towering 90+ year-old trees are a signature characteristic which defines this heritage-style neighbourhood. To preserve the look and feel of the neighborhood, new homes must be designed in one of traditional styles to fit in seamlessly with the original homes. The client’s lot is in the Second Shaughnessy area, where Craftsman style homes are more predominate. Our goal was to create a grand exterior within the modest characteristics of craftsman homes. Due to the neighbourhood’s existing design requirements, the key was designing a home that looks old even though it is actually brand new. We designed a grand home that gave off a traditional feel from the street, while working in some modern elements without disrupting the traditional style of the interior. The traditional feeling desired by the client was enhanced and made current by incorporating the latest amenities and high quality appliances within the interior areas. From the street, the Tsai residence fits perfectly with neighboring homes built more than 100 years before it. The home possesses the desired street presence and is rich in its own unique character.

Scope of work: Construction Management

Scope of work : Building Design, Interior Design and Construction Management