At VictorEric we are proud of and celebrate our amazing team of talented individuals. Every year we gather with our families for our Summer BBQ full of laughter, games and of course, a great meal. This year we gathered in Burnaby at the Barnet Marine Park. With this beautiful location and mouthwatering aromas, it wasn’t too long before the laughter and smiles took over. We truly enjoy being able to see all the families and marvel at how tall our kids are getting! It is an effortless and awesome way to really share our successes with our kin and colleagues alike.   


We played different games throughout the event including, Dragon’s Tail, Chubby Bunny and many more.  

We also celebrated the Birthdays of all our September babies.

It takes amazing people to design and build cutting edge spaces. At VE we recognize the impact our collaborative efforts have on our ongoing growth and accomplishments. Our diverse team comes to us from all walks of life, locales near and far and they have one thing in common – our ongoing appreciation and gratitude.  


 We would like to congratulate the following;  

  • Jenna Asuncion – Earning Best Bonding Agent and Extra Mile Award. This award is for behaviour and inclusiveness integral to creating a positive company culture. Going above and beyond to ensure things are done in excellence. 
  • Joe Gerl – Earning Yoda & Design Team MVP for being selfless in transferring knowledge. This award is for showing the most value in performance, effectiveness, efficiency and service level. 
  • Patrick Power – Earning Leadership & Construction MVP. This award is for showing the courage to lead while cheering others on to join you. 


The strength and connection of our VE team is paramount and effects every level of our organization.  With our fast-paced and quality focused daily routines, we are determined to deliver fun and interactive social activities to balance the work / life dynamic of all team members.  

At VictorEric we work hard and we play hard! We hope you enjoyed a little peak into the fun-loving culture we enjoy everyday.  At VictorEric our committed team is as unique and inspiring as all our design build creations.

Thank you to Eric and the organizing team for bringing us such an awarding-winning day at Barnet Marine Park.