From one Design firm to another .. (Bunch of young creative artists)

When we say VE CAREs -We mean it! As one of many ways we contribute back to the community, VictorEric recently sponsored an Abstract Art project at Alfred B Dixon Elementary -East Richmond, BC.

In collaboration with local artist & musician, Richard Brown, VictorEric sponsored this unique event where elementary school students explored and celebrated their creativity with colourful paint. We donated all the panting panels for the Dixon Elementary’ 35+ young Artists.

General Manager, Chris Maika also physically helped prep these canvases and coordinated with the class teachers to make this one-day event possible.

#diversity without judgment

Opportunity to experiment and learn from each other.

As a Design Company, Eric and the rest of the VictorEric team values design and creativity. As such, team VE proudly supported this cause.

Abstract art offers the opportunity for imaginative minds to thrive. Fundamental techniques like colour mixing and concepts of balance were taught. While the class was facilitated by Mr. Brown, students had free reign to experiment within the confines of the canvas. We wouldn’t mind kids going wild have the entire gym as their canvas, but the P.E. Teacher wasn’t quite enthusiastic about the idea. =P

Calm before the storm (prep work before the children arrive)

VictorEric’s Contribution was well received. Both the students and facilitators had a great time and class also sent us a very nice Thank-You card with everyone’s signature to appreciate our gesture.

As always, VictorEric is committed to contribute and care for the community, and we strive to build a better Vancouver by ‘physically building it’ and various forms of community services.