The Vacancy rate is near zero in the Lower Mainland. Worse yet, there is a severe lack of affordable housing supply in Vancouver; with the average selling price being over 1 million dollars. This makes it very difficult for growing families to find a place they can call their own and build a life. That is why we want to thank Habitat for Humanity of Greater Vancouver for the amazing work they do. VictorEric will be partnering with them to raise money, raise awareness, and raise an actual roof to help pave a path of affordable home ownership for the families of Greater Vancouver. But we can’t do it alone and we need your help to reach our funding goal. Please consider donating towards this great cause.


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On Friday July 21st, we will be lacing up our safety boots and tightening our hardhats for a day of hard labour for a tremendous cause. Eric and much of the design team will be outside swinging hammers alongside most of the executive team and site teams helping to build a new home for a Richmond family. With your support Habitat for Humanity can continue making dreams a reality for Greater Vancouver families. Join us on social media and share our progress. Together we can raise a greater awareness for long term sustainable solutions for struggling families. For more information about Habitat for Humanity of Greater Vancouver please go to

We care deeply about the communities we help build and the communities that have given us so much. Giving back is our way of saying thank you to the Lower Mainland. It is core to the values of VictorEric. Will you join us in saying thank you to our community? Please share this blog and for more information on how to donate please click here.