Its always a thrill to add a new trophy to our collection but being named BEST HIGH-PERFORMANCE HOME DESIGN/BUILD COMPANY by an international publication like Build Review, is more than we hoped for as we embarked on our sustainable building design education three years ago!

As a values-based business, we have long been interested in creating amazing homes that are environmentally-friendly, sustainable, energy-efficient, and designed to stand as masterpieces on the landscape of Vancouver. Its always been important for us to assist our clients in creating legacy homes meant not only for the owners themselves, but their children and even grandchildren to enjoy.  This Sustainable Builders Award, has provided us both acknowledgement and encouragement for our staff to continue to lead the community in learning about and adopting high-performance building practices and standards.

One of our recent initiatives to encourage this Forward-Thinking Movement is our Future Home Seminars. Our mission is to educate the public about the ‘green’ bylaw changes, mandated by the City to become effective in 2030, and the latest technology involved in building High-Performance homes that are healthier, more comfortable, and consume less energy than what is considered the current standard. To some, this may be a surprise, but in the long run, it is more cost effective to build a High-performance home simply from the heating/cooling cost savings standpoint.

This Sustainable Building Award is not just an acknowledgement of our team for their countless hours of study on the subject.  We could not have won this award without forward-thinking clients, committed not just to beautifying Vancouver, but to doing their part to save the planet. It is an honour to have co-created award-winning homes with you and for generations of your family to enjoy.

We appreciate all our clients for trusting us to take all the coordination and hassle out of designing and building a custom home.  We also want to take this opportunity to publicly thank our trades and consultants who have continued to stay on the leading edge of construction technology and develop their crafts to excel in building homes for the future. We could not have done this without you!

If you are interested in planet-saving initiatives, passive-house construction methods, Vancouver’s housing market or the development of the city you love – this is an event you will not want to miss!

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