When you try to picture a Craftsman house, think Wooden details. Popular in the early 20th century, their characteristics are apparent in both the exterior and interior of a property. With all the defined Low pitched gabled roofs, decorative knee braces, exposed wood details, and wood detailing layered on top of stucco, these homes are prevalent in many areas of California and certain cities across North America as well.

You may notice that some neighborhoods in Vancouver are filled with these fancy decorative buildings. Part of this is because in some ‘zones’ (ie. RS-5) in order to build a property to a certain Floor Space Ratio, the city dictates that the new construction must follow the aesthetics of the neighboring properties. This is to create a more visually unified cityscape. The characteristics required may include the typical low-pitched roof, tapered columns and the earthy color tone which is to be consistent with those surrounding.

The Characteristics of a Craftsman house is rather bold. Anyone who is educated on the design can spot a Craftsman house from a mile away. Some tend to love it for nostalgic reasons, having lived in craftsman property as a youngling, others simply appreciate the fine craftsmanship of a home which brings forth a warm and homey atmosphere.  But like many other styles that are well defined, the detailed craftsmanship is not meant for everyone. Some of those who are more into the modern design simply can’t stand the uncontemporary look. Therefore, if you are to build a custom home for investment purposes, and resale value is high on your priority, paying attention to the demand of a particular styled home will get you a long way.

Whether you are in love with the Craftsman style or if you are contemplating on the different styled homes to maximize your return on investment. Do come and speak with us. Our team of designers can for surely help inspire and guide you through the process of building your dream home.