Two of our in-house High-Performance Home experts did, so a couple weeks ago Eric and Chris O went to Switzerland to join other like-minded professionals at the Global Airtightness Academy in the quest to “save the world”.

Regardless of what some politicians say, Global Warming IS a problem currently affecting many countries and communities. And if you ask scientists, their solution typically boils down to reducing energy consumption. Airtight homes with high-efficiency HRV systems offer better indoor air quality, more comfortable air temperature, reduced allergens, inexpensive utilities, and a healthier home all around. These benefits are obviously appealing to homeowners, but reducing energy consumption related to heating and cooling by 90% is a gift to planet earth.


Throughout this event, experts from around the world, (14 countries represented) gathered together to learn about the latest technology and share ideas from their fields of expertise. This wasn’t just a sit and learn kind of seminar, Siga who sponsored the event, did an amazing job in planning out the sessions. Much of this learning was fun and interactive, with guest speakers offering different opportunities to test and feel out the different products used in passive-house construction. Chris was excited to meet with Dr. Wolfgang Feist, who built the first passive-house 25 years ago. He is considered the founder of The Passive-House Institute and an esteemed icon in modern home construction.  Matt Risinger, Online Influencer, was also present at the Academy. Anyone who tried looking up ‘how-to build’ videos on YouTube has surely come across Matt’s Videos.

Siga also arranged for the academy participants to attend the BAU tradeshows where they showcased Advanced European Building components and materials specifically designed for high performance building enclosures and a world of zero-energy-loss buildings.

Overall, this was an incredible event with a great amount of learning about the latest technology, networking, and sharing of knowledge.  As the only company from Western Canada invited to the event, we are proud to represent and contribute to this future-home movement. Check out some of Eric’s recent posts and videos on linkedin to find out more about the BAU Convention and the Airtightness Academy. If you are interested in being the change you want to see in the world, come to one of our free seminars to learn more about “future-proofing” by building a High-Performance custom home.  Space is limited to call today to check availability for February or May seminars.  604-677-0021 and ask for Kevin.