Find the Perfect Spot

The first step in creating the ultimate man cave is to figure out which area of the house is idealistic. Typically, the man caves are found in the basements of homes. A basement man cave is great for men who are loud sports fans or who still stick to their goal of becoming the next big rock star. The segregated location and tangible walls make it great for silencing all kinds of man cave madness. For the more academically concerned caveman, consider modernizing a study. The room will already have many essential pieces for creating a stylish hideaway.

Add Some Style

When a location for the man cave has been chosen, it is important to then decide on a particular style. As mentioned above, man caves can be geared towards sports fanatics, musicians, intellectuals, and even gamers. This is a limited selection of styles, but men tend not to be too complex, so it’s a good starting point. Once you have decided on a theme, you can then begin gathering items to fill the space — like furniture, lights, statues, etc. A particular style helps to choose a special centerpiece to work off of. Here are a few suggestions for each theme:

Make It About Sports

Consider using a pool table, dartboard, or even a poker table as the centerpiece for a sports-themed man cave. This establishes the room’s theme with a touch of class.


Fun and Games

A clearer theme to work with, but one centerpiece that will always stand out is a pinball machine or arcade machine with one of your favorite classic video games.

A Library for the Intellectual

If you find yourself craving the finer things in life, then a man cave with high importance on value design should be a priority. Some fantastic centerpieces that will help to speak your worldly taste are a mahogany bookcase and a classic lounge chair.

Consider the Layout

Once you have gathered up a stack of material for your man cave, you then need to think out how to arrange everything. It’s crucial to reaching maximum man cave productivity.
No matter your preference, you will for sure enjoy your willingness to help craft the ultimate man cave.

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