5 Inspirational Home Office Designs

1. A Sophisticated Design Inspires While You Work

In today’s uncertain times we are faced with new challenges daily while trying to maintain a level of normalcy. Changes that we thought were short term have become our new way of life, at home and at work.  Many of us are working from home and that is why we thought this was a great chance to talk about luxury home offices.

2. Create a Space that Does Not Distract You

As I am sure we have all discovered, working from home is harder than we expected! Dedicate your home office to money-making activities. Make it free outside and home distractions. A place to focus on your work and enjoy your surroundings while doing so. Clean and bright is a smart design choice as it energizes and adds to our ability to focus. Keeping a clean, organized desk also helps clear the clutter from our minds. Find an isolated space for your home office, away from TV noises and anything visually complex. Never let anything distract from how amazing you are and how productive you can be when you get busy in THE ZONE.

3. Good Lighting to Stimulate and to Help Make the Most of Your Day

Lighting can completely transform a space and is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success. Therefore, be the face everyone wants to see at your next virtual meeting. Whether natural or artificial, the right light will lift the mood, motivate, and enliven any situation. A bright and well thought out office is a professional way to present ourselves to colleagues and potential clients.

4. Use Design Creatively to Inspire You to Be Your Most Efficient

Keeping virtual meetings in mind, always keep the attention on you. Highlighting our personality is especially important during these times of quarantine and physical- distancing, so make sure the eyes are on you and not distracted with the décor surrounding you. When hosting a meeting where you have multiple agenda items to discuss, it is essential to keep the attention of all attendees. Designing an environment that will boost concentration helps all involved stay relaxed and focused. Cut distractions such as outside noise or the ultra-distracting little head peeking around a corner. Preserve creative energy and focus by closing and being aware of things on your walls or bookcase that might reflect poorly on you.

5. To Ready You for Every Opportunity

One very important detail to keep in mind while designing a home office is technology.  Just like we dress for success, we must dress our rooms for success as well. What do we need to perform our dream job from the comfort of our own home? How about a screen behind you showing videos and documents you are discussing, like a newscaster during your virtual meetings? Home automation and media rooms have come so far in recent years so make sure to include your home office needs from step one.  Be ready for that life-changing interview from day one! Engage in full tech-mode!

As we slowly reopen and get back to the daily grind, we all appreciate our jobs, homes, and networks more and more. VictorEric understands your need to adapt your home and lifestyle in this ever-changing world. Designing and building homes that enhance and enrich your family’s lives are essential to us.

To start the journey to your dream home give us a call!  604-677-0021!


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