6 Magnificent Staircase Designs to Consider When Building Your Custom Home

Staircases are the spine of the home. Not only do they bridge together the rooms and essence of a space, but they’re also often the first thing to greet the eye as you enter a home. With such an important function, staircases deserve to be just as meticulously appointed as the other key features in your home. A pop of daring color, a wrought-iron banister, or a chandelier can instantly transform stairs into sculptural masterpieces. Here’s a striking collection of VictorEric’s all-time-favorite staircase designs and ideas that will help you envision your own grand entrance.

1. Walk on Air

Floating staircases take up a lot less room than standard staircases, which are ‘boxed in’, allowing a more spacious, lighter, and brighter feeling room, not to mention, make a conversation-starting feature when paired with lights, such as in the image above. For this design to work, you’ll need to ensure the wall to which you mount the stair treads is structurally sound enough to take the weight. Otherwise, the design and installation are relatively straightforward and can really bring the ‘wow’ factor to a room.

2. The Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases, also known as circular staircases are great where space is limited. Their design means they can fit into simple vertical spaces, without the need for a large area to incline. For small houses or houses with additions or finished attics, this type of staircase is a particularly good option. Spiral staircases suit both traditional and modern spaces due to their wide range of styles. They’re quirky, add a bit of fun (especially sliding down the banister) and make a really interesting feature within a room.

3. Double the Drama

A double staircase speaks for itself. Nothing says fame and fortune like an expansive, breathtaking entryway filled with nothing but the space to climb, dripping in elegance. This double staircase flanks an elaborate, unique crystal chandelier and flows in dramatic, picturesque waves of timeless design.  Surrounding pot-lights ensure you never miss a step and the camera loves your face and highlights your outfit at every level.

4. The Glass Staircase

If you simply want to refurbish an old staircase, adding glass sides is a brilliant way to make the upgrade. It will add tons more light to a room, particularly if your hall or landing has no natural light. It will also open up space, give a contemporary modern feel, and add a touch of luxury to the room.

5. The Square Spiral

This sleek, transitional, spiral staircase proves being “square” is way cooler than we were led to believe in the playground. In fact, the warm, natural wood steps and luxurious, black sculpted rails are enough for us to urge you to go square and never look back. This staircase is backed by a mirror wall and literally reaches the sky (light) allowing natural sunlight to stream forth into every floor of the home.  Pendant lights drip down to bridge the gaps between the levels.

6. Earthy Elegance

Warm, craftsman-style wooden banisters stun in this ultra-elegant traditional entryway. The stained, earth-tone risers complement the rich railing while adding an ever-necessary dose of personality.  There is nothing like the warmth of wood to make a house feel like a home.

VictorEric knows caché a breathtaking unique staircase can bring to the enjoyment and resale value of your home.  Due to the large volume of space that is required, the placement of the staircase is one of the first things that should be considered when designing your dream home.

To brainstorm designing a home around your ideal staircase, call Ashley at VictorEric Design Group 604-677-0021.

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