6 Positive Ways COVID-19 Will Impact Home Design

While isolating in our homes, we are becoming more gradually aware of how our interior spaces affect our moods, our ability to work, and our physical wellbeing.

From the development of social distancing in public parks to a rise in temporary architecture, new ideas are rapidly being brought to the table. As people are restricted within their homes now, attention has been brought upon the way residences can accommodate the demands of this new, unexpected time.

Many people imagine that this new-found dependence on our homes will still be around after the pandemic subsides. As our homes begin to carry out greater responsibilities in our daily lives, we will need to consider more fun activities to maintain a positive and healthy balanced lifestyle. Based on current trends and concepts that have evolved during the pandemic, we have put together a list of 6 ways home design may change following COVID-19.

1. New Importance in Flexible Layouts

Our affiliation with our homes has never been superior, and this will likely go on and even increase after this pandemic subsides. If this happens, your home will need to adjust to a greater amount of services and functions. Specified spaces for several activities, such as reading, napping, physical activity, and entertainment, will be necessary.

Hosting a gathering with friends and loved ones, your home will require a precautionary design. VE has already begun to explore approaches to this possibility.

2. Private Outdoor Spaces

Since the start of this pandemic, our love and desire for the outdoors and nature seem to have significantly increased. Simply going for a walk or sitting in a park has been monumental. During the lockdown, being a public out-door area will not guarantee safety.

The need for home designers to come up with a more private outdoor space for every type of home is ready to expand. Architectural Designers at VE have been in charge of how to integrate the outdoors into even the densest homes, testing with roof gardens, micro backyards, porches, and balconies. People may also try to find a connection between their living spaces and nature, with folding glass doors combining these two areas together.

3. Work from Your Home Office in Your Pajamas

People being forced to work from home, many dining room tables have been converted into home offices. Though getting to work for many no longer requires rushed or stressful morning, many are enjoying the flexibility of working from home, so much that working remotely may become the new norm.

If this falls into realization, there will be a huge demand for functional private offices to be an essential part of the home. Some have even compressed ways to integrate home offices into private outdoor spaces. Some ideas include a workplace designed in front of the home garden, letting one feel like they’re leaving their house for work.

Also, another advantage of working at home is that you get to find out what cats really do all day.

4. A High-End Decontamination Zone

Mudrooms will switch from improvised spaces to equipped transition spaces and will ensure areas for contactless delivery for packages and groceries, this will become a familiar space. Designers will integrate this focus on hygiene innovation in creative ways. Think of an amazingly elegant mudroom where guests and family members can sanitize in an environment designed to inspire one with a feeling of beauty, health, and safety before making their way into the home.

5. Smart Kitchen Design Technology

With people more motivated to stay at home and cook, the importance of a kitchen has increased as well, pantries are going to become more essential as people want to make fewer trips to the grocery store. Intelligent kitchen design will also be more important, especially due to the rise of the hands-free method. This means more speech and voice recognition technology in the kitchen, controlling things such as lights, faucets, and appliances soon will be a necessity.

6. Create Healthy Habits

Many people have resorted to at-home workouts. Where can you exercise when your significant other is on a work conference call? And the kids on zoom meetings for school? Home gyms have become as crucial as the home office. Most home gyms were most likely never used, I assure you, they are now!

Creating a home-gym will become the safest trend. This will generate opportunities for designers to incorporate their ideas on designing a loveable home gym and developing any outdoor space for an enjoyable workout.

If this pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we need more space to live, work, exercise, and relax at home.

VE is working with people who cannot wait any longer to spread out into misspent areas of their home or add a protected extension, whether inside or out.

What improvements have the quarantine inspired you to want to make? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.
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