You know that feeling of warmth and comfort when a stream of sunlight catches you and bathes you in its golden glow?  You can feel your senses come alive and all your muscles relax instantly.  What if you could feel that in every room of your house? You’ve probably put a lot of thought into your dream home but how much of it included window size and placement? Windows are an essential part of the architectural look of your home but they are also a portal to bringing bright positive energy into your life.

Glass walls offer a host of benefits not found with standard windows. Sliding glass walls are energy-efficient, they make a small room feel larger, and keep you close to nature with the illusion of indoor/outdoor living space. Here are six of the top reasons to put some thought into the types of windows you want to add beauty and charm to your unmatched custom home.


Floor to ceiling windows brings in an abundance of natural daylight, starlight, and ambient moonlight that make a home seem more inviting at all hours. Studies have shown that depression and anxiety decrease for people who enjoy spending time in sunlit areas and that it is human nature to actively seek areas where one can get the most exposure.

Bringing in natural light is especially important as we head into the darker days of winter. Studies show that natural daylight is proven to elevate energy and boost moods.

Natural light is also a great source of Vitamin D and studies are showing that Vitamin D is the most helpful in treating the Novel Coronavirus. This nutrient is essential to helping the body regulate its immune system, controlling allergy symptoms, and maintaining healthy brain function.

With sunlight streaming into the rooms, you don’t need to use lamps. Floor to ceiling windows allows light to flood the interiors of the home, cutting back on energy consumption and electricity needs, thereby reducing energy bills.


The massive stretch of large glass windows brings nature indoors so you can have a deeper connection with your surroundings through biophilia. Nature has been proven to bring feelings of calm and centeredness.  Floor to ceiling windows become the main focal point of a room, allowing you to capitalize on the views of the beautiful surrounding landscape.  Every bit of hard work you put into gardening and selecting flowers will be on display year-round through this wise investment.


With floor to ceiling windows that open, you have both an indoor and an outdoor living area. You can open the windows to provide a seamless transition from the house to the outdoor living area, or simply relax with your favorite book.  The more plants you can enjoy from inside your home, the fewer plants you need indoors thereby minimizing the mold spores in the air.

Installing these beautiful windows gives you more room for entertaining.  No guests will feel cramped inside. Everyone will have more space to move about, mingle, and enjoy both every aspect of your new kingdom. Sliding glass doors are great for decks, porches, and patios, or expanded entertainment space off the living room or kitchen area

The indoor/Outdoor living area also helps bring the family together since you can let the kids play right up until dinner time and still keep an eye on them while you cook or grill. Large glass doors and walls offer endless flexibility for entertaining and day-to-day living.


Well-positioned large windows and glass walls can contribute to passive solar heat. With passive solar heat, the windows capture heat from the sun and distribute it throughout the home. Passive solar heating provides outstanding user comfort as there is little temperature fluctuation. Utilizing passive design can help use your surroundings to your benefit when it comes to energy efficiency and output.

By using windows to heat your home, you are using a free, natural, and renewable energy source. By taking advantage of natural heat, you can reduce your dependence on other forms of heat such as gas or electricity. Ultimately installing large windows will save on your energy bills.


If you have a small room in your house, a large window can make it feel less cramped. Large windows provide light to dark corners and provide a view, which ultimately makes a room feel more spacious and less claustrophobic.

Not only that, installing floor to ceiling windows or windows that can open allows you to connect the room to the outdoors, giving the room a compelling reason to enter.


Windows allow fresh air to enter and fill the space with the aroma of plants and flowers from your garden. The fresh air circulates throughout the house and ventilates all the rooms to improve indoor air quality with increased oxygen. Without oxygen, your body must work harder to get the amount required for a healthy heart. Having fresh air in the house will help improve your heart rate and helps improve your blood pressure

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are spending almost 90% of our time indoors, yet we may not know that the air quality is often poor and unhealthy. Our homes often contain allergens and other contaminants, including fumes from bleach and cleaning chemicals that can cause health problems. Chlorine bleach is extremely hard on people with thyroid problems.  For example, many homes contain pollen, dust, and mold from indoor plants, among other things that can cause a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes. Letting in fresh air through floor to ceiling windows that open helps to flush the home of unhealthy particles in the air.


Choosing large windows for your new home is an excellent way to benefit both your indoor and outdoor spaces. You get the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape with protection from stormy weather. If you are looking to renovate or build your dream home from the ground up, call VictorEric to help you capture the aesthetics and performance on paper. Ashley is waiting to help you make your dream home a reality.  Call her today to book your complimentary consultation! 604-677-0021