‘90s Design is Back, Hint at Years Past, Not Re-Live it: Part 2 Plants and More Plants

We last looked at the return of hunter green from the ‘90s used in modern interiors. Our verdict, don’t try to update then re-introduce the ‘90s in your home; especially don’t try to relive the ‘90s. Adding little nostalgic touches to a contemporary can really provide some measured contrast to your space.


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An Overuse of Plants Will Choke Your Space

We can rejoice, plant use has returned. Bringing the tropical rainforest inside was almost a staple in the ‘90s. Plants offer a certain freshness and life to your space, but it can also go very very wrong if overdone. Looking at the above examples the plants are so over used it feels like a terrarium in your home. This space is gaudy because rather than bringing life it chokes the livable space leaving you feel consumed; lost in an overgrown dense forest. Forests are great for hikes because there are trails and natural formations you can follow, this is not the case for your home.


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Modern Use of Plants are Used to Direct People

Looking at these modern examples, the designers gave the plants and tropical elements center stage. You feel that continuation of life from the outdoors without the clutter. The plants themselves have plenty of open space to breath, and more importantly so do you. Because the plant use is far more measured, the designer can use them to direct the eye to important places in the room such as the windows or seating. These directional cues in an open space prevent anyone from ever feeling lost.

In the last examples shown, the designer has drawn from years past but not ignored the present. Bold greens and tropical flourishes are key elements, but contemporary shapes keep you firmly away from Seinfeld reruns. The space feels very modern but you are warmed with wood and rock. The spaces is tailored to the needs of those who live in it while clearly being inspired by the Clinton years. Have you ever considered living in a home inspired by your own best years? VictorEric designs and builds spaces that not only come from your lifestyle but empowers it.



Pairing Geometric Shapes with Elements of 90’s Design While Staying Firmly in 2017


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