New regulations for Multiplex in Burnaby

In this in-person seminar, we will explain the new duplex and multiplex regulations and opportunities in Vancouver as well as the upcoming changes in Burnaby and beyond.
In-Person, Live Event, Seminar

New Duplex & Multiplex Regulations

Learn the latest developments surrounding new Duplex and Multiplex regulations in Vancouver, and the opportunities they present in the real estate industry for you.
On-demand Webinar

How much does a reno cost?

If you have been thinking about renovating your old home or buying a new property to renovate, this webinar is the event for you.
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High-Performance Homes

During this educational and exciting session, we'll explore and share insights on the latest trends in home automation, sustainability, and smart home technology that are shaping the way we live.
On-demand Webinar

Downsizing Options

Welcome to our insightful webinar where we present three exceptional alternatives for downsizing your home! Join us as we explore the possibilities of relocation, the allure of a condo in vibrant Vancouver, and the charm of suburban living in a duplex.
On-demand Webinar

New Custom Home Webinar

If you're interested in building a new project and wonder how the design+build process works, sign up for this webinar and get some insights directly from experts to make the best choices.
Live Event