About Us

We'll guide you, effortlessly, from initial design concept through to completion of construction.

We’re a team of design enthusiasts who have a serious love affair with creating the perfect space tailored to fit your wildest dreams. Prepare yourself for a whole lot of passion and a dash of fun! With a solid 25 years of experience under our tool belts, we’ve carefully curated a team of like-minded individuals who are just as crazy about crafting awe-inspiring spaces as we are. Seriously, they’re the best in the biz!

Our mission?

Creating Amazing Spaces that fit your every need. We understand that your space is more than just walls and a roof: it’s where your dreams come to life. That’s why we pour our hearts and souls into every project, ensuring that every nook and cranny reflects your style and personality. We’re all about those goosebump-inducing moments when you step into a space and go, “wow, this is it!”

But hey, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Guided by our core values and purpose, we believe that every brick, every beam, and every little detail should reflect our commitment to excellence. It’s like a design manifesto we live by, and it keeps us on our toes, constantly pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

Speaking of getting down to business, our team is made up of talented individuals who are masters of their craft. From brilliant Designers to skillful Project Managers, we’ve assembled a crew that can bring even the wildest ideas to life. We’re like a home-building dream team, ready to transform your vision into a tangible reality.

And guess what?

We absolutely love what we do. Seriously, we bounce out of bed each morning, fueled by our love for design and construction. We’re not just building homes; we’re crafting experiences and making memories for our clients and their families. And let’s not forget the community—we’re all about giving back and making a positive impact wherever we go.

So, welcome to our little universe of passion, purpose, and endless creativity. We’re a bunch of fun-loving design and construction fanatics who are here to sprinkle some magic into your life. We’re here to guide you, inspire you, and turn your dream home into a masterpiece. Let’s join forces, explore the possibilities, and embark on this wild journey together. Get ready to create your Amazing Space!

Our Team

We work collaboratively to Create Amazing Spaces for our clients. Our team’s decades of experience allows us to design and build cutting-edge spaces within a fast-paced environment that appeals to self-directed, flexible, and collaborative individuals. We work smart, and play harder.

Your space will be created in a work environment that is fun, warm, and full of unique personalities.

Our team comes to us from all walks of life and from locales near and far, but they all have one thing in common… they love Creating Amazing Spaces and Driving Design! We’re proud to have such a diverse and talented group of people who generously share their expertise and delightful designs with us.

Our Leadership Team

Jenna Asuncion

Project Manager

Jenna is results-driven and consistently puts her clients and projects first. She cares deeply for her projects, and works diligently to provide the best possible experience for her clients and team. An effective leader, Jenna is able to provide innovative solutions to complex situations. 

Jacquelene Hung

Construction Operations and Project Manager

Jacquelene has been with VictoEric for over 17 years and has worked both on the Design Team, as well as the Construction Team. Skilled in people management and strategic problem-solving Jacquelene now leads the Construction Management Team.  Jacquelene ensures that projects are expertly executed, from start to finish.

Donald Do

VP Finance

Donald brings his Financial Management knowledge and passion for construction to VictorEric. He isn’t merely a wizard with financial analysis, but he has built two homes by himself. As a Certified Professional Accountant, he has 20+ years of experience in the industry.

Allan Balatico

Design Operations Manager

With an acute insight into building technology and construction, Allan leads a close-knit team of interior designers, building designers, and landscape designers. Under Allan’s leadership, the design team works closely with each client to bring their project to life while ensuring optimal building performance and longevity.

Bruce Van Hunenstijn

Partner - General Manager

Bruce brings 30 years of experience in construction management to our firm. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, he oversees all departments and ensures every aspect of the business is in perfect harmony.

Eric Lee

Partner - Chief Visionary Officer & Design Director

Designing his first home when he was only 18 years old, Eric is naturally gifted to see space in it’s final 3D form. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Eric is now the Chief Visionary Officer and is responsible for mentorship, leadership development and overall design direction.