Basil Garden

Project Description

Location 2889 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5M 1Y9

Scope of Work:

Interested in working with VictorEric? Want to see more of our work? Unique Design Challenge: How do you portray the all natural philosophy of a Japanese restaurant? VictorEric Design Solution: We tend to think of ninjas as anachronistic creatures of myth, but I’m here to tell you the ninja is completely real. He is alive and well in our modern day culture. Instead of fighting crime he’s helping the team at Tuski serve up fresh healthy sushi. That’s right, we said HEALTHY! That means no deep-fried items, just fresh items. Tsuki, the stylish sushi bar, introduced a new dining concept introduced to the cross town area. Tsuki blends fresh sushi, serving healthy options and ocean wise seafood with modern décor all rolled up into one flavourful experience. All ingredients are freshly prepared and nothing is deep fried or even pan fried. In fact, the only cooking appliances we installed for them was a rice cooker. We at VictorEric wanted the design to match the client’s high value for fresh and natural ingredients and developed a design concept that is clean, simple and emphasizes a natural Japanese culture. We transformed this small 1,000 square foot space restaurant into a new trendy sushi bar exemplified with a modern zen-like feel using natural and raw materials. Reclaimed barn wood in it’s natural weathered state mixed with black iron is accented with simple white tiles and a cozy blue feature wall. We kept the polished concrete floors and and columns and gave the space a pure and honest interior. Plus the concrete walls are great for our sushi ninja to bounce off from. We provided a full integrated package for the client where we not only did the interior design, but also the construction and business identity design. This involves the design of the logo and developing it for the signage and menu. Because after all, what good is buying a beautiful pair of shoe when the rest of your outfit doesn’t match. With our integrated package, we can fully execute the complete vision and deliver that full client experience.

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  • Commercial Interior

  • Special Project

  • Interior Design

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