Beautiful Exteriors in a Wet Coast Climate

Part of designing a beautiful custom home is designing a beautifully landscaped exterior.  

One of the joys of living in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas is our mild winter climates. Unlike the rest of Canadawe rarely see the wrong side of zero and the annual snowfall is close to none.  Of course, there is always give with the take and our moderate climate does give its fair share of “Liquid Sunshine”. So how do we keep the style and sophistication of a luxury design-build home in an area as wet as ours? These are a few of the ways we have personally dealt with our climate and they have worked wonderfully so far!   

One way is to take the majestic beauty of our supernatural surroundings and enhance them within our own creations. 

Beautiful British Columbia defines our province perfectly. The lush green mountains and majestic coastal views lend inspiration and break the stark lines of urban roads and cityscapes.   

Also letting a backdrop standout against a functional space is another easy and stylish way to enhance your home.  All designs are tailored to fit your lifestyle. We pride ourselves on bringing you happiness for your family.  

White rocks and artful cascading gardens can give a home an unexpected and poetic appearance. Using these elemental features will bring our beautiful and wet climate into balance.  

Imagine the freedom to have your surroundings speak to who you are.

All of these inspiring designs give us each a front seat to a beautiful brush with nature. So much of west coast style speaks for itself.  The simplicity of a green lawn and a healthy colourful garden truly makes a maximum impact on the overall aesthetic.  

For more information on how you can have your dream turned into a breathtaking reality contact us at VictorEric.  Get ready to celebrate your beautiful home and outside oasis.  

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