Boss Restaurant

Project Description

Location: Metrotown Centre, Burnaby

Scope of Work: Interior Design Interested in working with VictorEric? Want to see more of our work? Unique Design Challenge: How do you give a new identity to a successful restaurant chain with their image lost in the 80’s. VictorEric Design Solution: Our client has a successful restaurant chain but really has not invested in updating their look for the a couple decades. So we were brought in specifically for that. Their clientele was somewhere in between fast service and intimate dining. Most of them are young entrepreneurs always on the go. The client wanted a casual atmosphere that was inviting for diners and efficient for their servers. So we created a modern metropolitan feeling to compliment the demographic. The space planning was very efficient and we worked closely with the client to thoroughly understand the workflow. Bold red colours with rich texture and modern lines are complimented with warm wood tones. The space had a very tall ceiling but we did not want the space to feel cavernous. To create a cozy and casual atmosphere, we brought the ceiling down with many interesting layers. It was kept white and clean so as to not distract the patrons or to depress the volume of space. Once we were done with the complete face lift, our client commented that business was notably increased by a big margin. Line-ups going out the door were more than a one day phenomenon. So we’ll take that as a queue for a happy client.

Services Provided

  • Commercial Interior

  • Interior Design

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