Building Design

At VictorEric, each residence is a custom design inspired by our client’s unique lifestyle and preferences. Building Design is the first stage of our integrated design process to create your custom dream home. It starts with a Discovery Meeting where we work with you to understand your ideal floor layout: features valued by your family and possibly even some you hadn’t considered. This descriptive conversation will help us see your vision, then we take the information to design a custom-tailored floor plan and unique exterior which speaks to your personal expression.

As we develop the design, you will see your dream home in digital 3-D, and we will discuss your options and choices for exterior design, materials, and colours. Each plan considers your family’s lifestyle, building codes, constructability, and principles of good design.

Finally, we prepare building permit and construction drawings and specifications. Coordinating the many consultants required and navigating through the onerous city permitting process is a big part of this and it’s something that we will manage completely on your behalf.

We’re experts in building homes for challenging sites. This ability to come up with innovative solutions, has always been our strength. We see a difficult building site as an opportunity to flex our creative muscle. Challenges are impetus to continually learning and growth, fueling our passion to enhance the neighbourhoods of the lower mainland.

“The first sketch that VictorEric did of the house based just on a three-hour conversation and after coming to our previous home and looking around, probably it’s 95% consistent with this finished product… They nailed it.”
Shelly & Greg
Noble Residence Testimonial