Construction Management

VictorEric Design + Build stands ready to ensure design integrity flows smoothly from drawings to decking. No detail will be compromised. We start by developing a capital budget for your entire construction project, and then we monitor spending and provide regular progress and financial updates. This includes recommendations and tendering for suppliers and tradespeople. You decide how much you want to spend from the very start of your project, and then we work as an integrated Design + Build team to control your construction costs, while not cutting corners on the craftsmanship or design vision.

Our team develops the construction schedule based on your desired move-in date. Our rigorous quality control standards of premium materials, superior workmanship, budget oversight and integrated knowledge of the building code and design vision make us the best Design + Build team possible. The inexperienced, entry-level builder will just secure trades and leave them to their own devices on the construction site. We have an active management approach where we supervise and ensure all the design details and quality standards are followed. This is the only way your custom dream home can be properly executed, they way you had envisioned it.

If you are too busy to learn how to manage the complexities of construction yourself, or don’t feel like risking your family’s biggest investment on an inexperienced builder, then learn more about our truly integrated Design + Build approach. (Link to Process)

There is no one better to manage the construction of your home than the very firm that designed it.

A stress-free home building process that will save your marriage

Traditionally, designing and building is a complicated process with many stakeholders that you, the homeowner needs to navigate. In fact, 12% of couples consider divorce after a construction project. (according to Business Insiders)

This is why we developed our very own integrated Design + Build process where the same team that developed the design vision, will be the ones to craft it to completion. Get a glimpse into this experience from some of our many happy clients.

“Many friends have asked me if it was a lot of work dealing with the different trades, suppliers and all that… that’s essentially the best part about working with VictorEric, they have their specialists who can deal with all of that headache.”
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