Different mirror styles and how to express with design

When we look into a mirror, what do we see?  Ourselves! Now, what if we could make that mirror not only reflect our image but also reflect our personality and style of design?  These are some great examples of how we can obtain this.

  1. Double up – What is better than an amazing mirror? Two amazing mirrors! Most commonly we see two mirrors displayed over two sinks although why not try doubling mirrors over a long single sink to create something twice as stunning.

  1. Be Unique – Since we are all unique, try using a mirror that reflects your individual design style. Adding interesting shapes is the smart way to enhance your space without adding unnecessary accessories that can cause clutter.
  2. Illuminate it – Adding soft lighting to a room with low natural light adds to the perfection and function of your bathroom. Mirrors that are illuminated correctly are ideal for applying makeup and seeing yourself in a flattering way
  3. Go BIG – Nothing is more impressive than the power of a large and well place mirror. Depending on your style there are many ways to bring in the light, add to the perceived space and bring a nice polished finish to your space.5. Hang it – Add to an element of interest to your room by hanging a mirror using a variety of materials. Using Rope or chain is an easy way to add to a nautical, modern or industrial theme.

Using something as common as a mirror to expand upon the glamour and design is a smart way to stand apart from the crowd and reflect your style to any room of your house. Give it a try and let us know what worked the best for you.


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