Do luxury premium houses have to look different?

No, regardless of what people say, your custom home is what you want it to be. Aside from the building bylaw of the city, it doesn’t have to fit into any ‘stereotype.’  Just like if you are a millionaire or a billionaire, you don’t have to wear all brand name clothing. And if you are willing to spend the extra buck, its completely your choice whether to spend it on an extravagant jacket or underwear.

For security, nostalgic or other reasons, you might or might not want your luxury custom home to look like one. Continuing the metaphor, even if you choose to spend the extra dime on brand name fashion, it’s not mandatory to pick one that is covered in large logos and act like a walking billboard for that brand. Many of our clients do prefer using the premium grade products simply for the quality and reliability. Some may simply prefer certain aesthetics that are exclusive to a few brand names, but the purpose is not to tell people that they can afford them.

Speaking of unique aesthetics, what is it that typically creates this designer home feel? It’s probably the modern styled home that stands out the most, with cedar siding, flat roofs, large glass panels, partial stoned wall and perhaps alupanels.  If you are into this look, great! Particularly if you looking to resell, a unique and visually pleasing home can fetch a higher price than ones that look average. They are definitely more interesting to look at in most neighbourhoods and would likely draw quite a bit of attention.

On the flip side, there are the subtler premium homes that may use premium material and are constructed using more superior engineering/ yet they blend in more with some of the neighbouring properties. Or course, although completely doable, there are very few who would want to mimic their custom home after the “Vancouver Specials”. But if there are certain vintage features that you are after, a professional designer can always work with you to corporate them into your dream home.


If you value good design in a luxury home. Our team of premium home designers can surely be of service.


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