The five big trends in home design

In this post, we are sharing some information about the current trends in renovations in case you’re doing your renovation or new build.

As you know, the last two years have been ‘different’, with Covid having played a major role in some of the ways we see, do and plan for things. However, it’s not the only variable impacting trends; the war in Ukraine, issues with supply chains, and forecasting among other variables have affected the way we look at things and how we operate.

Here are the five trends for 2022 to look out for:

1. Multi-function spaces

This trend has obvious resonance with every day increasing its popularity. These past years we reassessed our lifestyle changes, and we realized we don’t need a huge home with multiple spaces, we can downsize and combine spaces with Vancouver consistently placing in the top 10 most expensive cities in North America this trend is more relevant than ever.

Here in Vancouver and throughout North America we’re used to having separate living rooms and family rooms separated but, we if we are just utilizing one of these rooms, why are we wasting all this square footage? Instead, let’s combine!

We just designed a home where we took the living room, which is typically for entertaining guests and turned it into a multi-purpose room, being a music room, a chess games room, and a conversation space all at once. With the proper Architectural and Interior Design, the client now has additional square footage and a dedicated space that is well thought out so now our client is having four functions into one which is great! And it is maximizing the usage of that square footage, which is precious these days, especially in Vancouver.

2. Organic modern style

This new trend gives the modern aesthetic a new optic. Steering away from the hard edges of the typical minimalist modern, replaced with organic curves, textures and light colours which brings a softer, less aggressive version of the modern aesthetic. 

3. Colours

Soft hues and natural colours will continue as the world gets more and more tumultuous. People want tranquillity and peace in their homes with some earthy tones to set the mood. You are going to see natural wood accents, highlighted by soft hues of beiges, browns, blues and greens… something that is comforting and welcoming

4. Finishes

Now in terms of materials designers will continue to explore more textures, this could be as simple as a tongue and groove board. When paired with vertical wall lines on the wall or in the ceiling, they add some architectural interest and inject a bit of that earthy texture.

Another existing finish is acquired using 3D tiles. 3D texture tiles or porcelain technology, are constantly evolving, adding new and interesting textures so you’ll never run out of options. We recommend you visit stores like Fountain or Ames Tile, which have great options for textures.

And the biggest tip for this trend is to make sure you use lighting that brings texture out. If you’re putting texture on your wall, you’re spending good money, make sure you control your lighting and use it to highlight and accentuate.

5. Renovations

And finally, the biggest trend today; Renovations.

We are seeing, especially this year, a greater number of renovations over new builds. If you look at everything that is s happening around the world it makes sense, people are reluctant to spend out of pocket with inflation concerns, rising costs, and delays.

The home office is still a huge thing post-Covid. Most people are working from home, so they’re turning spaces that they had not fully utilized into home offices. It can be a playroom with a desk and a home center, or even a kitchens with a dedicated nook.

You can also have a mail sorting station, a cover dedicated to that, maybe a small filing drawer with a plug-in center for the laptop, or maybe even a wall-mount with the monitor.

Another often missed opportunity is to maximize your existing yard space where it’s not enough that it looks good, it’s best if it enhances and serves a purpose. With the proper Landscape design, you can create an outside space that provides release, tranquillity and respite from a hectic day.

We hope this blog has given you some ideas behind the five big trends that we’re seeing in North America. Hope this information helps you, wherever you are in your home project!

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