Ever Wonder How Using Art Can Enhance Your Design-Build Luxury Home?

An easy and sure-fire way to bring together a home is to add art we love.

Inspiring style through added touches of colour and texture is a great design tool.  Using Art is a smart idea for every room in your luxury home.  Adding colour through art is an interesting and eye-catching part of design.  These features bring together a room while personalizing your space.

People are intrigued when visually things are put together in new ways.

Keeping it neutral or monochromatic will create atmosphere within your design. This space is light, soft and bright while still having a strong impact.

Natural selections of art inspired by our own surroundings open our spaces and add depth.

This unassuming feature layers character with sophistication. The vertical feel can lengthen the height of a room regardless of the size of your space.

Gallery walls can help set the tone of a room and add a 3D feel.

Mixing Mediums is a good thing for gallery walls.  Prints, photos, sketches and family heirlooms can all cohabitate through the arrangement. Keeping in mind the shared colour palette is conducive throughout.

In smaller living spaces, like this office area, size does matter.

You must take advantage of every inch of space available, including your walls. Create a dynamic interior by adorning your walls with art.  Let art create your story, giving the illusion of something bigger.

Arranging art above a piece of furniture adds balance and can enhance your style.

Well placed art combined with “can’t-miss” furniture livens up any space. Building upon your favourite pieces will always make a great first impression.

Large pieces command attention and anchor a room.

Larger pieces also make an impact that smaller pieces just can’t.  One big piece adds intention and confidence to a room.  Therefore, juxtaposing a minimalist design with a dramatic work is an easy way to make a statement.  Consider using art to divide or frame separate areas. Be bold, vibrant and powerful!

Experiment! Play with colour, patterns and texture in artistic design.  Learning how we can enhance our design-build homes is a great way to start your journey into your very own luxury home.  Give us a call to get started today!

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