Feature Room Bliss

Your life at home is far more than just eating, sleeping, and showering. It needs to include family life, but moreover, it must include everything else that is near and dear to your heart. So, beyond the rooms that cover your living essentials in your new home design, have you thought about a feature room?

A feature room is a task specific room meant to accentuate a part of your life. A very common feature room is a workshop, office or media room. A more unique a feature room will however fetch a larger return on your initial investment. So, what if music is far more important to you? Maybe you’re a pool shark? The point being, you really should consider making those neglected passions a daily reality.

Reconnect with family strumming through an Elvis classic

Here we see a feature room in the Wiltshire Residence built to support a family’s love for music. It features a built-in speaker system and a dedicated place to practice the piano or guitar. An additional feature is, a music room like this can be quickly adapted to be you living room in a pinch.


Unwind with some sharks over a game of pool


For others, having few friends over to entertain is their hobby. Whether a game of pool, 6 ball or maybe snooker, this dedicated pool room is built to support the intricacies of the game. It has ample space for those wishing to take a precise light touch or a large stab at the far right pocket. Don’t sink the 8 ball, but you should absolutely enjoy your pint in the back leather bench seating to wait for your next turn.

Relax with Spa Room found at our Cliffside Residence


Some people recharge with others, but maybe you recharge after a long day relaxing on your own. Our Cliffside build features a dedicated spa room. Steam shower, gorgeous tranquil views and a luxurious hot tub are sure to help you find your Zen.

Unique purpose-built feature rooms add value to your home and most importantly your life. Designing your legacy into your home, means a home that pays you back in more than just tangible ways. At bare minimum, this is the standard that we at VictorEric start from. Our goal is that your home makes you a better person, helps you lead a happier life, and lets you to retire earlier with the return your home would yield.

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