Getting into Luxury 1

Getting into luxury

How many times have you heard the term luxury recently (this week alone). It’s been used so much that the term is just losing meaning. Let’s take a moment and describe what luxury means to us. Particularly luxury features in a premium home. And no, its not about having a ‘premium’ price tag on everything.

Luxury doesn’t mean you throw money at something to make things appear more extravagant. No one ever needs a golden toilet bowl with diamond studs. And if you truly feel that you do, you don’t. Luxury should always start with practicality and comfort as base. Luxury features in a custom home should be what makes a living space better through improved usability, comfort and convenience. Moreover, it should be catered towards the needs of the owner.


Let’s start off with some bathroom and tranquillity featur

es. The designer bathtub for example, is often considered a luxury feature. What sets it apart from the basic bathtubs that you find in a typical spec home? For starters, you can pick one which accommodates the physical size and habits of the owner. If you are into bubble baths, choose one that allows for a bit more volume, with a dedicated ledge to place different foam and bath products. If you are looking to take this a step further, perhaps a water jetted tub that not only keeps the water temperature constant for an extended period of time, but doubles a hot tub that massages you at the same time.

Shower can be highly customizable as well. If its simplicity you are after, a basic two piece rain and hand shower can already be wonderful. Alternatively, for individuals who enjoys multitasking, by all means, go crazy with the steam shower with full body jets.

What about heated towel railings or a mirror demisters? Sometimes you don’t know what you ‘need’ until you’ve experienced it first hand.

Smart glass is another feature that has become increasing popular among bathrooms of a luxury home. The degree of privacy can be adjusted literally at the your finger tips.


There are Luxury/ design features where the value is only reflected in it’s aesthetics, none the less, it should always be an improvement on the space. Luxury isn’t just using more expensive products and goods, but thoughtful arrangement to have everything put together. If you value good design and a custom luxury home, our team of premium home designers can definitely be of service.


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