1. A Gathering Spot for Guests and Loved ones

An impressive home bar design should tell a story and bring a sense of your character to the minds of your visitors. While designing a space that is elegant, trendy, functional, and organized can be challenging. Everything from finishes and surfaces to location and color matter when designing your home bar!


2. Find the Right Finishes

Your bar at home is all about showing off. You could keep your liquor and glasses hidden in a cabinet or put them on display. Give your friends and family something to talk about. Pick a cabinet finish that is a bit extraordinary or use a stone for the counter that’s rare and special.

3. Choose Durable & Attractive Materials

 A bar is a bit like a tiny kitchen. Try using a stone surface like quartzite as opposed to marble or limestone. A bar will be visible to every kind of abuse from red wine to lemons and limes.

4. Use Unexpected Accents. 

A dark, sexy color palette, brass or metal accents, an astonishing wallpaper, antique mirrors, and an interesting counter top all work into the way VE begins the design.

5. Location is a key component

A single room can serve more than one purpose in a house. This home bar is naturally built into a home theater room. An arrangement like this is an example of smart design that combines two different spaces, a home bar, and a home theater.

6. Be Daring

Choose a style for your home bar. Ideally, when abstracting your home bar’s final plan, choose a design which matches the current style of your home. Your home bar must blend pleasantly with all the other areas of the house.

Materials and finishes will help you achieve the overall look you want and, the texture and tone of your home bar. You can use wood for a classic feel. If your house is modern, you can go with a darker sleek and glossy surface. The color of your home bar must not move away from the existing plan of your home. If your house plays on neutrals, then stick with neutral tones so that your home bar does not look out of place.

Our team of designers here at VictorEric have a very keen eye. Pushing the design cover does not just provide to elevate the bar for interior design, it serves to inspire your monetary legacy.

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